My Goddess Plan for 2019 ~ Love your body, love yourself!

My Goddess Plan for 2019 ~ Love your body, love yourself!

First my web goals.  (;  I have a lot of goals for 2019. One of them is to my help my friend Deanna become the number one divorce coach in Michigan.  I Belieze in you girl! I am trying to get back in the web goddess game and practice my web skills. I plan to start two new websites in 2019. One is already in progress —  The other is a new thing for me.  I have been getting more and more interested in politics. I like to challenge myself. I like to learn. And, I like to influence people so I hope to launch a political site of my own in 2019.  While I am a newcomer to politics, I am not a newcomer to websites or internet marketing.  The bigger goal is to own my own my own media company and to run for State Rep in Michigan again down the road. Those are long term goals.  I am looking forward to challenging myself and finding the new Goddess me in the new year.

If you follow me at all, I hope will you will find my Goddess plan inspiring.   So here it is.

My Goddess Plan for 2019

Eat like a normal person and love my body.  This means no more scales, no more diets, no more worrying about what I eat or what I look like. Loving my body when I am “perfect” and loving my body when I am not. No more ridiculous standards that only the elite try to measure up to. You do not have to be a pro-body builder or fitness model to be a Goddess. My goal for 2019is to focus on my exercise ONLY and not my food.  When I say this I don’t mean that I am going to just eat junk food. I am not that kind of person. I eat healthy food, but I do everything to an extreme.  This year’s goal is to learn to be reasonable with my diet and my expectations of myself.

Become stronger and have more endurance.  I am working on some fitness goals but I am take the food issues out of the equation. I would like to start blogging on more regularly. Hopefully make some workout plans that I post. You can follow along or not follow along. I’d also like to do some before and afters this year.  I haven’t done that in a while. But, I will not be tracking my progress based on appearance alone. I want to make some new goals to improve my strength and endurance vs how I look in the mirror.

Eat food that I feel good about. My goal with my food is to eat well balanced meals that contain all the food groups, complex carbs, and a donut or pizza when I feel like it. This doesn’t mean eat junk food. Nobody feels good when they eat crap all the time. But 2018 is going to be the last year I make myself vomit because I ate a freaking donut. I have been struggling with builimia my entire life. It’s been a secret battle I don’t talk about. This is the year I come clean and this the year I beat it. One positive change at a time.’

Teach my children to love their bodies. My kids always ask me to help them with weightloss or exercise plans. In the past I have tried to help my kids with a healthy diet, or to create an exercise plan, or to motivate them. My goal for this year is to teach them they are beautiful exactly how they are. To stop making two separate meals.  One for me and one for them. To find a middle ground so that my kids learn that mommy isn’t on a diet.  And so that I teach them how to eat healthier like a NORMAL person.

P.S. Go Blue energy go!