Stickers, unicorns, whatever it takes!

Stickers, unicorns, whatever it takes!

So I am sort of like a little kid. I like stickers and unicorns. They motivate me. I have been in this terrible funk with exercise. My neck hurts and I don’t feel like doing it, but at the same time I can’t stand watching my goddess body slip away. So here we go again.  It sucks to start over.

I made myself a little workout and I did it in my basement. It was supposed to say back/bis/shoulders but I screwed up. It’s discouraging to start over. I am lifting about half what I was six months ago. I have been down this road before though, so I know I can do it. I hope to get back to Planet Fitness soon, but I may wait until the kids are back in school.


I LOOK CRUMMY but that is not the point.

I did it! Day 1 — AGAIN!

I am not following a specific plan and I am not sure I am going to. I like my new attitude with fitness. The goal is to exercise and make progress, not obsess over macros and workout logs.

It was nice to get sweaty and tired today!